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Subject: Re: Cannot Capture
Author: D_A
Date: 10/08/2005 21:21
In fact 1 parsing problem with a css file. htc is a sort of css/js file for
Internet Explorer only.
How to download :
- click on the link
then right click, save picture as in the mirror at the right place.
 - click on
then right click, save page as style.css in the mirror at the right place. 
or you can find the files (if they exist) in Internet Explorer cache, (css,
htc and latest_bg.gif) then copy them at the right place in your mirror and
remove the number between brackets.
Actually, the file latest_bg.gif and don't exist at the
specified addresses thus the 404 errors.
The great majority of sites have bugs, mispelled addresses etc and it is very
rare not to find errors when mirroring.
Your browser will not alert you when there is a HTML error.
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