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Subject: Question plus a Feature Request
Author: Chris
Date: 02/14/2006 12:39

First, my question: what is the purpose of the many little files that
WinHTTrack creates in the root directory of the c: drive while downloading a
website? They seemingly have random names, but always start with 's' - example
s330, s330.1, s330.2 and when WinHTTrack runs out of numbers it starts on the
letters such as s330.a, s330.b etc. At the moment (during another download),
they are up to s3sc.4k. They are around 12-14Kb in size, and though they are
deleted (seemingly as they are created by WinHTTrack), my recycle bin monitor
catches them (so I have to go in and empty them out of the recycle bin after
WinHTTrack has finished). Depending on the mirror (ie if it is a large
download, there are lots of files created, if it is only a short download,
there aren't that many created), there could be hundreds of these little files

Now, my feature request: one of the most annoying things in WinHTTrack is to
get most of the way through a large website download, only to have your
internet connection suddenly dropout. When it does, and if it doesn't come
back within a certain time, WinHTTrack will finish your download displaying a
lot of 'couldn't download a file because it couldn't connect to the website'
errors in the error log. Your only solution in this case is to go in and
re-download the whole website from the beginning (and hope that your
connection doesn't cut out again). My feature request is for a option to only
re-download the links that timed out. For example, you have a website with
1000 links. You download 950, and then suddenly you have an internet
connection dropout. By the time it comes back, WinHTTrack has timed out, and
when you restart the download, it would be nice to have WinHTTrack only
download the remaining 50 links that timed out, rather than download from the



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