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Subject: Re: Question plus a Feature Request
Author: Leto
Date: 02/15/2006 23:32
> First, my question: what is the purpose of the many
> little files that WinHTTrack creates in the root
> directory of the c: drive while downloading a
> website? They seemingly have random names, but
> always start with 's' - example s330, s330.1, s330.2

Interesting that you are seeing those files too.  Someone else mentioned it on
the forum before and it seemed to be temporary files related to the zlib.dll
or somesuch.  Doesn't happen to everyone...

> again). My feature request is for a option to only
> re-download the links that timed out. For example,
> you have a website with 1000 links. You download
> 950, and then suddenly you have an internet
> connection dropout. By the time it comes back,
> WinHTTrack has timed out, and when you restart the
> download, it would be nice to have WinHTTrack only
> download the remaining 50 links that timed out,
> rather than download from the beginning.

You should reopen your project and use "Continue interrupted mirror" (instead
of "Download web sites" or "Update existing download").
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