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Subject: Re: Question plus a Feature Request
Author: Chris
Date: 02/16/2006 11:39
Hi Leto,

> Interesting that you are seeing those files too. 
> Someone else mentioned it on the forum before and it
> seemed to be temporary files related to the zlib.dll
> or somesuch.  Doesn't happen to everyone...

I wonder - could the files be actually created on most PC's, but that people
don't actually notice because most people don't have a deleted file protector
program loaded onto their PC? I use Executive Software's Undelete. From the
website: "When you delete a file, the file is automatically captured and
stored in the Undelete Recovery Bin. Much like the Windows Recycle Bin, the
file is still available should you need to recover it. However, Undelete
captures files the Windows Recycle Bin misses, such as files deleted from
shared network folders, files deleted from the Windows command prompt, or the
files deleted by Microsoft Office applications when newer versions of a file
are saved."

The important part here I think is '...captures files the Windows Recycle Bin
misses...'. I'm wondering if - you were only using the standard recycle bin -
you would even know that these files were being created and deleted? Anyway,
it doesn't sound like there is any real known cause for these files, so I
guess I will just have to put up with them being created :-(

> You should reopen your project and use "Continue
> interrupted mirror" (instead of "Download web sites"
> or "Update existing download").

Ah, so the continue option will - even if the project had already finished the
time before - only try to download the links that had errors, and not the
entire project again? The couple of projects my internet connection tends to
keep timing out on are rather large (each takes many hours to download - there
doesn't seem to be many files downloaded, but more like that WinHTTrack
struggles to parse the html), so I don't fancy having the entire project
re-downloaded just because about 20 links timed out.


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