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Subject: Can you teach me?
Author: Ashraf Kadry
Date: 06/03/2006 14:01
Hi to you all

 I consider myself both new and old to this world of offline browsing. I heard
about offline browsing for the first time from IE's "offline archiving"
process of .html, .Whtml, and so forth, but this is the first time I use a
browser specifically made for this job.

 I've downloaded other browsers beside this, inclding the famous Teleport, and
I must say it is the spitting image of Httrack, yet not as manaeuvarable as
this one, and it charges you an additional 40 bucks. 

 I can say this with a bit of confidence, I almost understand the overall
options menue, from the proxy to the spider part, almost I say, but what
eludes me all the time is the depth limit under the limits tab. 

 Exactly what kind of depth are we talking about when you say "if you choose a
level of 3 you get to have a mirrored website that has mirrored webpages down
to "two clicks" deep."

 I would appreciate if someone could walk me through this. Suppose that I want
to mirror "just" the "front" page of a website, say your taking a snapshot of
that webpage only. For example, when you type something like,
and the welcome page if the first thing that meets your eyes, suppose, you
want to keep a "snapshot" of that webpage only i.e. I don't need links to take
me to anywhere, or to show anycontents. at what level should I set both
maximum mirroring depth and the maximum external depth? should I set them both
to zero? I've already tried that with a website
<> and mirror didn't work out because
simply the index.html was not downloaded. 

 So what I need to know? how do I go from a snapshot of webpage to download of
a full website like <>  onto my harddrive.

Finally, I use the latest version of WinHttrack ver. 1.4, my system uses
windows xp home edition.

Best Regards
ashraf kadry

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