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Subject: Re: Can you teach me?
Author: Ashraf Kadry
Date: 06/04/2006 15:48
My thanks for you have the following parameters:
Maximum Scan Depth: "No Value" "a.k.a all thanks possible"
My external scan depth: the highest value possible.

 Jargoon, I want to bring two points to your attention:

1. At least speaking on behalf of myself, I never knew that websites might
have this "ftp-like" structure, though they should since most of them are
"GUI" based and cover a more "hideous yet authentic" interface.."good old DOS

 Last night, I doodled around with winhttrack, and did a lot of research on
the forum till I came across a post made back in 2003 asking about limits
depth, and the answer wasn't that far from the current version's included help
documentations. "Two means two click away from the index.html" how are we
supposed to know that? I mean how are we supposed that Winhttrack creates an
index.html file, almost identical to that of an ftp client, and then creates a
folder for each folder on the website, whether you're following the website's
hierarchial structure or another structure you created, and that each one of
them represents a certain level. When I heard for the first time the word
level, I thought each link that comes from the front page, that is pages are
linked as in a magazine you go from page one to two and therefore where called
levels, but I never thought it would goes into both breadth and depth.

2. I really wish if the authors would include the example or this whole post
in their next revised help document, because this would make all the users
life easier, and explain more on the options menu, because the currently
available document is short of adequate for the job.

Finally thank you again so much for your more than adequate reply.

Best Regards
Ashraf kadry
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