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Subject: Re: Can you teach me?
Author: jargoon
Date: 06/04/2006 13:35
>> Exactly what kind of depth are we talking about when you
>> say "if you choose a level of 3 you get to have a
>> mirrored website that has mirrored webpages down to
>> "two clicks" deep."

When you create an image HTTrack by default creates an index page for that
image, and is called "index.html". If the website has an starting page called
"home.html", Index.html will point to home.html and from this point the "real"
image starts.

Let's say a website has these html files: home.html, webpageA.html and
webpageB.html all in root folder; and subpageA.html, subpageB.html,
subpageC.html inside a subfolder called "links".

Considering index.html the first level, any files inside the  root folder will
be on level 2. And thus, any file inside "links" will be on level 3.

So, starting from index.html you will have to click twice to reach the third
level of the image.

Hope this helps.

>> I want to mirror "just" the "front" page of a website

In this situation, if I'm crawling the Net I prefer to just save the webpage
with my browser: everything on screen will be included, as well as
stylesheets, javascritpt files and so on.

>> I set both maximum mirroring depth and the maximum
>> external depth? should I set them both to zero?
As previously said a depth of zero will end up to some kind of error, because
you would only save index.html generated by HTTrack, and this is not quite
smart, is it?
External depth is used when you need webpages outside the starting domain of
the project. E.g., your starting page is in and you need pages
This is not a default behaviour.

>> So what I need to know? how do I go from a snapshot of
>> webpage to download of a full website

If using HTTrack is a must for a single snapshot (I wouldn't recomend it
because there are easier ways to do this), I'd use a depth of 2 or try using
-I0 option (don't make an index; I haven't tried this)
To download a full website you could increase depth at your desire, or simply
use default settings as this will usually be enough.
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