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Subject: Archiving Websites - Questions
Author: Destrel
Date: 11/25/2007 23:57
I am not all that proficient with advanced computer functions, so please
forgive me if my questions sound a bit silly. 

The main purpose I would use WinHTTrack would be archiving of websites.

1) Can WinHTTrack 3.42 be used to archive websites that change daily? For
example, let's say I want to create a news archive from a news site that
updates daily. At the moment I do this by saving every single article manually
in Internet Explorer using the "Page" --> "Save As" feature, but this is
extremely time consuming. I surmise that WinHTTrack can do this with one click
(or even automatically), but what if the website changes daily and the old
articles disappear from the website. When WinHTTrack updates my offline
download of the site, what happens to the old articles - do they also

2) Can archived files be browsed in Internet Explorer or do they have to be
browsed by some specialized browser? I tried using Webaroo some months ago and
found that the downloaded websites can only be browsed in Webaroo. 

3) Can the archived data be moved... say to an archive harddrive? As I already
mentioned, I tried using Webaroo some months ago, but it was not possible to
move the files. 

4) Is it possible to use WinHTTrack to download data from RSS feeds? RSS feeds
send me the headlines with links to articles, so would WinHTTrack be able to
use these links to download the articles themselves? 

5) Is it possible to have WinHTTrack download data from some sites in terms of
.mht files and others in terms of .html and .htm files? 

Thank you for your answers and your patience! 

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