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Subject: Re: Archiving Websites - Questions
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/29/2007 15:19
> 1) Can WinHTTrack 3.42 be used to archive websites
> that change daily? For example, let's say I want to
> create a news archive from a news site that updates
> daily. At the moment I do this by saving every
> single article manually in Internet Explorer using
> the "Page" --> "Save As" feature, but this is
> extremely time consuming. I surmise that WinHTTrack
> can do this with one click (or even automatically),
> but what if the website changes daily and the old
> articles disappear from the website. When WinHTTrack
> updates my offline download of the site, what
> happens to the old articles - do they also
> disappear? 

Versions after 3.33 have problems (Search the forums.) I use 3.32 and haven't
tried 3.42 yet.  So if you have problems try 3.33.

Httrack is designed to capture a snapshot of a site.  The default is to delete
obsolete pages.  You can change that in the options, but the obsolete pages
won't be linked anywhere.

> 2) Can archived files be browsed in Internet
> Explorer or do they have to be browsed by some
> specialized browser? I tried using Webaroo some
> months ago and found that the downloaded websites
> can only be browsed in Webaroo. 

Httrack generates html, use any browser you like.  It doesn't fully parse
javascript so mirrored pages may not be exact.
> 3) Can the archived data be moved... say to an
> archive harddrive? As I already mentioned, I tried
> using Webaroo some months ago, but it was not
> possible to move the files. 

The default is to make relative links.  You can move the entire mirror
anywhere or even mirror directly to the archive HD.
> 4) Is it possible to use WinHTTrack to download data
> from RSS feeds? RSS feeds send me the headlines with
> links to articles, so would WinHTTrack be able to
> use these links to download the articles themselves?
Sure. Use the action "Download all sites in pages (multiple mirror)" instead
of "Download web site(s)"
> 5) Is it possible to have WinHTTrack download data
> from some sites in terms of .mht files and others in
> terms of .html and .htm files? 

Httrack doesn't know of mht.

> Thank you for your answers and your patience! 
Users helping users.
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