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Subject: Re: SWF link modification
Author: Tox
Date: 12/09/2007 04:23

Just wanted to let you all know that even 5 years later... a search for
"website copier follow links in swf" on Google turned up this page... and
saved me!!!

I was using an older ver of another copier that couldn't grab the background
music files linked to other web swfs- but not only this software, but THIS
POST- saved me just in time.

With the extra time I allotted myself to frantically try to find out how in
the hell to grab em, I decided to spend that time writing a formal thank you
to both the developers of HTTrack as well as Rainer Höll for inadvertently
helping someone on the other side of the globe, 5 years in the future (kinda
cool, huh?!?)!

scott (@t) art for market dot com

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