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Subject: SWF link modification
Date: 11/20/2002 14:09
Hello there,

first of all, thank you Xavier for this awesome tool! It is 
one of the very few that seems to do what I expect from a 
decent offline browser.

Anyway, my problem: I have to download a website where 
Flash files (SWF) link to php files. HTTrack can follow 
these links, no problem. But HTTrack also changes the name 
of the php file into xyz.html, thereby breaking the link 
from the flash file.

Am I making a mistake or is HTTrack just not able to modify 
links in SWF files in order to preserve link consistency?If HTTrack cannot do
it, is there any other tool that can 
do it? Or just any other way downloading of dynamic and 
flash dependent sites can be done?Unfortunately, I do not have the original
FLA files, so I 
have to rely on other tools.

All comments appreciated
Thank you in advance

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