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Subject: Download Forum - help
Author: Chris
Date: 03/04/2009 19:59
I need some guidance in capturing all the forum questions and answers under one
subtopic.  No login or pass is required.  

I'll give you the location and maybe you can guide me.

The site I want to start from is here:

When I click on a question it goes up a level here for answers*  (star being the question)

Each page is located down a level from the main page here:   this is
actually page 2.  

There is a total of 129 pages.  All I want is all the pages with one click
depth to show the answers to the posted questions.  

The scan rules just allows a certain address to be captured is there a way to
include all the pages?  I tried using* <-wildcard in
the address start but that didn't work.  

So do I need to include and etc... in
each of the addresses to capture what I want?  or is there a simpler way.  


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