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Subject: Re: Download Forum - help + bugs
Author: Chris
Date: 03/05/2009 02:12
Okay I've figured it out.  But I also found a few bugs.

If I capture a site without the non html + pictures not checked and you decide
to do it later the formatting of the website will not be preserved for offline
viewing but the pictures will be added.

If you just copy paste in the URL
without a carriage return after each line you will get an error when you try
to compile the webpages

So anyway I've found out I need to include page=13 and page=22 etc... adding
nine each time so each loaded page will have links to pages that don't
overlap.  Then I choose a depth of 3 so I can continue the depth into each
page and read the answers.  

Can't use a * int the URL it will not recognize the wildcard.
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