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Subject: Re: Download Forum - help + bugs
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/05/2009 16:18
> If I capture a site without the non html + pictures
> not checked and you decide to do it later the
> formatting of the website will not be preserved for
> offline viewing but the pictures will be added.
Don't capture the css files=no formatting

> If you just copy paste
> maple?page=2
> maple?page=3
> maple?page=2 in the URL without a carriage return
> after each line you will get an error when you try
> to compile the webpages
return or space between urls

> So anyway I've found out I need to include page=13
> and page=22 etc... adding nine each time so each
> loaded page will have links to pages that don't
> overlap.  Then I choose a depth of 3 so I can
> continue the depth into each page and read the
> answers.  
There is a maximum length of content in the url box before the GUI crashes
(over 32K IIRC.)
Beyond that, you have to use a file and download all sites in pages (multiple

> Can't use a * int the URL it will not recognize the
> wildcard.
Of course not. What would you expect it to do, ping the server with billions
of combinations?
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