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Subject: href # (java link issue)
Author: Andy B
Date: 08/26/2010 18:21
My compliments on this excellent software and community!

I am downloading a site that has html and a java menu. Sorry I don't know much
about java. I have been able to figure out my problem. (I think)

Every time I click on the Table of Contents within the website a "#" appears
at the end of the link but nothing happens.

I compared it to the original file and the difference between the one I
downloaded is the following line:

Original Website

Mirror of Website (On my computer)

And this problem persists on all java related links on the mirror website.
Every time I try to open a link that is related to a java menu the "#" appears
at the end of the address and nothing happens.

Please help, I don't know if I am missing something that can be easily

Thank you in advance.

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