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Subject: Re: href # (java link issue)
Author: William Roeder
Date: 08/26/2010 21:50
> I compared it to the original file and the
> difference between the one I downloaded is the
> following line:
> Original Website
> href="javascript:void(0)
> Mirror of Website (On my computer)
> href="#"
> And this problem persists on all java related links
Java and Javascript are two different languages.

> on the mirror website. Every time I try to open a
> link that is related to a java menu the "#" appears
> at the end of the address and nothing happens.
The first href does nothing (There must be some other JS that replaces the
link dynamically.)

HTT replaced the link with one that does nothing.

> Please help, I don't know if I am missing something
> that can be easily repaired. 
FAQ: Javascript, no full support.
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