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Subject: index.html
Author: Tom
Date: 06/18/2002 09:34
whenever i click on a index.html i can see that u have made 
a change there - u have put a lenght limit of the row, so 
that the longer project names r stored in two or more rows! 
(i hope u understand of what i'm talking about) ... second, 
whenever i click on any project link in main index.html, it 
opens to me a folder of that project in which i have to 
click on its index.html and then it'll open to me that 
project - but in previous versions of HTTrack, u just have 
had to click on project link in main index.html to open 
it... now u have to click twice (first in main index.html 
and second in project's index.html)... is there a reason 
for that?!

i just hope that my bad english wont prevent u in 
understanding my problem and my questions! :)

if i have to clarify something, don't hesitate to ask!!!!

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