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Subject: leto's supernatural powers!!!! :o)
Author: Tom
Date: 06/20/2002 18:49
hehehehehehehehehehe (someone should stop me before i 
die 'coz of laugh!!!!!) 

leto, roche.... i'm confused!!!! just few seconds after i 
replied to leto's post i said to myself that i should check 
that index.html problem once again... believe it or not - 
now everything is ok!!! everything is as functional as it 
was!!!! everything is linked and i have no answer how that 
happend!!! beside that, there is no more that 'character 
limit per row'!!!!!!

now i can go to have some sleep... (and i'm serious!!!)

leto, what if u have some supernatural powers of which u 
have no idea?! :)))))))))

THANK U FOR THIS GREAT PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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leto's supernatural powers!!!! :o)

06/20/2002 18:49
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06/21/2002 00:32
HELP!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!!!

06/21/2002 16:52
maybe i know what is the cause!!!!!

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