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Subject: Re: index.html
Author: Tom
Date: 06/19/2002 08:00
i knew it!!!! unless i make some progress in my english, 
i'll be in serious problems!!! :))))))))

ok, let me try again to explain...

in previous httrack versions, in index.html (the page that 
contains linx to available projects) i have had to click 
only on any project's link to open it! but now, when i 
click on that link, it opens to me a folder of that project 
instead to open it for offline browsing at once (in my 
IE)!!! so, i have to click on index.html within that 
project's folder so that i would be able for offline 

second new thing that i have noticed is that there has been 
put some kind of 'border limit' of how many charachters can 
be in one line, when displaying linx to projects in 
index.html - in other words, if i have named some project 
like for example 'this is my first and only httrack 
project', in previous versions of this great program it 
would be shown in just one line:

this is my first and only httrack project

but now, it is like this:

this is my
first and only
httrack project

so we have three rows in which the name of that project is 
stored... it is not so big problem to me, but i have liked 
more how it was presented in previous versions, so i just 
want to know why that was changed...

i hope i made some good clarifications of my two questions 
and i think that Leto has explain it very well!!!!! 
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