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Subject: index.html (again)
Author: Tom
Date: 06/30/2002 22:04
as i have described before, in my previous posts 
(index.html), my problem was that projects within 
index.html weren't linked to project's index.html... but i 
have noticed one thing ----> that problem occured while i 
have had installed on my computer the version via installer 
(httrack-3.20RC3.exe)... but when i uninstall it, and then 
tried to install it via ziped version (httrack-noinst-, everything was just fine with my index.html, 
even that in the bottom of that page stays year 2001, and 
not 2002, as it was while mirroring with 
httrack 'installer' version... 

i hope this can put some light on my problem (or is it some 
httrack bug?!)

thanx in advance!

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