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Subject: Re: index.html (again)
Author: Leto
Date: 07/01/2002 04:53
> as i have described before, in my previous posts 
> (index.html), my problem was that projects within 
> index.html weren't linked to project's index.html... but 

Interesting observation with the different installation files.

I am posting to confirm this problem too.  I just installed 3.20RC3 (.exe),
renamed the folder of an existing project (did not rename the .whtt file),
loaded it, and ran it.  My index.html for all projects (the one which links to
things like "myproject1/index.html") was completely different -- very much
like Tom was saying before with "file not found, using internal one" and links
being "myproject1"

Checking my settings, I found that the "Make an index" option was not ticked.

So I ticked it, and ran another existing project and the index page is back to

Thing is.. trying to process again, I can't get index.html to go weird, no
matter the project options.  It is now normal when generated...  I'll try to
do some more testing.
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