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Subject: Email bounce
Author: Jared
Date: 07/14/2011 00:27
Is this why forums exists? Because they 'force' their users to post here,
because the website contact email,, is a false email.
the email bounces back

There was another website tryna be a coward too. the product was called Mojo
pack, they shut down the forums at a last resort to avoid any negative
feedback like this. Hopefully, the owner of these forums are smarter.

In any case,  i'll post the email here instead.

I've been having issues with HTTrack. It seem that version 3.44.1 has issues.
In fact, the problems listed below, also seem to affect 3.33 as well. As taken
from the documentation.

* Continue interrupted download

Use this option if a download has been interrupted (user
* Update existing download

Use this option to update an existing project. The engine will recheck the
complete structure, checking each downloaded file for any updates on the web
Both of these are meant do do what they say, but only on the condition that
the user finishes the current transfer process first. These options will fail,
"but only the user interrupts any currently 'active' transfers", thereby,
re-downloading all from scratch. How do I know this? Because if HTTrack was
only checking timestamps (what should happen), it wouldn't need to transfer
large amounts of data, but it is.

This part is not explained in the manual on online documentation, so it's only
a trial and error or a sing on the forum, which to the simple rely "do not
cancel", which does't answer my question.

On top of this, the Pause transfer, under Mirror does not work either. the
user can toggle the Pause mirror option, but transfers still continue, this
makes me think it's exactly the same as above, that is, basically all options
rely on finishing all 'active' transfers first, is is not how it should work.

Pause, means Pause, NOT pause when I feel like it. Same with the other two.

Finally, must I find an old version of HTTrack? Just to get full
Was this the reason they removed 3.32 from the downloads section? So users
would be 'forced' with a buggy program?
If I want to change versions, but preserve the data I've already downloaded,
which files can/must I remove (Eg cache files etc.... ) after uninstalling
previous program.

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