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Subject: Re: Email bounce
Author: Jared
Date: 07/21/2011 06:08
When does Pause come into play?
Does it Pause at the net of all current transfers?
This make more like what it does, because if you try and Pause in the middle
of current transfers, network connection remains active. This would probably
explain why as a break transfer even though there is a ticked next to Pause,
large downloads of active transfers you you just can't wait 2 hours or longer
to finish.

There are situation where a user NEEDS to close windows, not just Hibernate.

Windows Updates for example. It requires a restart after applying updates, you
can defer this, but this is not the solution.

By the way, This is also on 3.33

If I could try 3.32, I would if it only listed in the downloads section.
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