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Subject: Re: Email bounce
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/14/2011 01:27
> Is this why forums exists? Because they 'force'
> their users to post here, because the website
> contact email,, is a false
> email.
> the email bounces back
It bounced because it isn't valid. Did you find it on any page? It's not
what's on <>

> There was another website tryna be a coward too. the
Don't be a troll

> On top of this, the Pause transfer, under Mirror
> does not work either. the user can toggle the Pause
It works just fine. Pause it, wait for the CURRENT items to finish, resume

> mirror option, but transfers still continue, this
> makes me think it's exactly the same as above, that
> is, basically all options rely on finishing all
> 'active' transfers first, is is not how it should
> work. 
This is EXACTLY how it should work, because that is how Xavier designed it.
Not how you think it should.

Please do not feed the troll.

When you respond, you give the troll power.  When you ignore the troll, he
starves for attention and eventually dies.
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