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Subject: Workings of "Update existing download"? +sggstn
Author: Filer
Date: 07/26/2002 01:09
Hi, I would need some more elaboration on the workings of the "Update existing
download" function.

The helphtml says "The engine will recheck the complete structure, checking
each downloaded file for any updates on the web site". This is rather
ambiguous, in my view it could mean either

1) Check website and download files that are new/changed (the logical
2) Check if previously downloaded files have changed but do not download any
new, previously non-existing files (this is what the quoted text in my view
really means from a linquistical standpoint)

Which one is it?
And relating to this: how could one attain "surf new and/or changed files"
functionality with an update?
What I would like to do is to scan a site, then on a weekly basis rescan it
and see all new and/or changed files. Of course this means, that after seeing
the new files, these would have to be moved to the existing directories, so
that the same function can be performed next week, too.

Or could it be possible to have a "update history" functionality, where
Httrack would create directories based on the date of the scan, and somehow
form a "total" history from all these previous scans for its own internal
workings so that only always new/changed files are downloaded?
I have found a need for this because some web sites are growing so large I do
not have time to follow them anymore because of the amount it takes to click
thru new pages. However if Httrack organized things it would be rather easy to
check out only the new things. Other approaches are not possible because the
web sites in question do not organize their content by date, like news sites
like cnn do.

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