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Subject: Re: Workings of Update existing download
Author: Leto
Date: 07/26/2002 01:38
> Hi, I would need some more elaboration on the workings of the 'Update
existing download' function.

From my experience, "Update existing download" means:

1. HTTrack will go to the URL of your existing project.
2. It will crawl through the site, as specified in the project's scanrules,
and when it finds a page or file it will compare it to the files in the
existing project.
3. If the file is newer on the server than on your computer, the file will be
downloaded and your local one overwritten.
4. If the file has not been modified, no downloading is done, and HTTrack
continues onto the next file.
5. If HTTrack finds a file which is not present in the existing mirror (eg:
the server added a new page), it will be downloaded and added to the project.
6. If a local file does not have a corresponding file on the server anymore
(eg: the server removed a link to a page) the that local file will be

Basically, HTTrack does a complete mirror, but just makes changes to new

> And relating to this: how could one attain 'surf new and/or changed files'
functionality with an update?
Hm, you could try looking at the log to see which files were added, but you
would have to manually open them.

> Or could it be possible to have a 'update history' functionality, where
Httrack would create directories based 

You can't really do that, as HTTrack rebuilds the mirrored site during the
update so all links are changed to reflect any added or removed files.

Perhaps you would have to mirror the site, then just copy the files somewhere
(like 20020724/), update the project, then copy the files again to
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