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Subject: Re: Workings of Update existing download
Author: Filer
Date: 07/26/2002 10:59
> Basically, HTTrack does a complete mirror, but just makes changes to new

I wonder if the wording both in the software and the help file could be
re-formatted a little to better reflect this state of affairs. Because I can
well imagine people who would for example like to update only those files they
have already downloaded if those files have changed, but not get anything new,
and as the text is now it can lead people to believe that this is actually
what will happen.

> Perhaps you would have to mirror the site, then just copy the files
somewhere (like 20020724/), update the project, then copy the files again to

Yes this is most probably what I have to go after. I'll have to see if I find
a suitable way to make this is an automated process, maybe by first making a
comparison copy of the original scan, then comparing that to the new updated
scan, moving the differing files to a 20020724/ directory, after checking them
moving them onto the comparison directory. Difficult, but attainable.
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