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Subject: Accessing GPL File Repository
Author: Matt
Date: 06/30/2012 22:28
I'm attempting to mirror files from <>

I'm using linux command line httrack to ignore files I don't need.  
Code: #httrack "" -O "./" -R5
H0Ko0s0zZd "+**" -*.zip -*.bz2 -*.tar -*.gz -v

Files in the dir download correctly. However,
files in subdirectories below this level seemed to be cloaked.  They can be
accessed by my browser, but not by HTTrack.

Here is one of the Debug Lines:
(wizard) shared foreign domain link: link

HTTreck creates html files of the subdirectories, but does not download the

If I download a files from one of the directories directly, the link is
reported as <>. 

I created a cookies.txt and disabled the robot.txt, but neither seem to help.

Any help/suggestions are greatly apprecated.

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