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Subject: Re: Accessing GPL File Repository
Author: Matt
Date: 07/01/2012 19:01
Bill et al,

Thanks for your help.  R5 and Robots were used as precautions, but neither are
needed or related to my original issue. I believe the real issue is that all
sub dir's below <> are generated by php
code ie. <">;.

Bill, Unless you can provide examples of code, I believe HTTrack is not
capable of mirroring the sub dir's.  I've read you comments throughout the
forums.  You are very knowledgable, but seem to only comment on things. I
would be greatful for guidance on a solution if it is possible.

This may help others:
Using TTrack's %[], I have developed code to create a skeleton directory of
the php coded sub dir's below ".../GPL/" and created an index.html for each.
The web pages from the created index.html files are linked back to my server.

CODE: {httrack <> -O
"./ReadyNAS_GPL_Backup" +* -*.zip -*.bz2 -*.tar -*.gz -N "%h%p/%[dir]/%n.%t"
-n -v}

NOTICE: Sometimes I've received "Error: o"Not Found" (404) at link". I believe folks at ReadyNAS are starting to
block this code.

RESULTS: The links form the index.html of the ".../GPL/" dir works fine. 
However, the links from the index.html of any of its sub dir's are coded for
the local server.

It would be nice if I could figure out how to make the links within the
index.html's from the sub dir's refer back to the original server, but I
believe the php code is causing this.

IDEA: What are your thoughts? If all links within each index.html refered back
to the host server, I might be able to use apache to set up a local site then
use HTTrack to create a full local mirror. 

QUESTION:  Does anyone have code to list the urls embeded in the index.html
that I've created.  I've tried sed, awk, bash, and with no

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