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Subject: Moving / Renaming / Reorganizing Archives
Author: Chris C.
Date: 11/17/2012 18:00
I have just started to use WinHTTrack and first of all, this is awesome
software, just the principle of being able to locally cache web content is
something that should be fundamental, kudos for developing this essential

My problem is this: I want to MOVE and RENAME the archives created on my hard
drive to someplace else, but if I do, it breaks it.

I have tried to edit index.html, to replace instances of "original path" with
"new path" and just cannot find references to it, nor in the .whtt file (which
is empty - go figure where the settings are stored? Hopefully NOT in the
dreadful Windows Registry!).

I HAVE made a search here before posting this, and came up with no results!
Surely, there must be something amiss; you'd think something as basic as
moving and renaming archives should be simple!

So I've tried renaming the .whtt file, it does rename the archive in
index.html, but the link doesn't work, it still tries to use the old path. 

Also, I'm trying to add more archives in an index and have not found a way to
do it either.  

I am probably missing something very obvious - after all, I've been using this
software for only a few days - and I find myself foolish not having found how
to do it after using computers since the days of punched cards and Fortran -
So I'd appreciate any help you may send my way :)

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