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Subject: Re: Moving / Renaming / Reorganizing Archives
Author: Chris C.
Date: 11/19/2012 17:58
>> My problem is this: I want to MOVE and RENAME the
>> archives created on my hard drive to someplace else,
>> but if I do, it breaks it.
>Move the files, start HTT, change the BASE_PATH so it can find >them!

OK, great! I did find out roughly by experimenting, but your advice was very
helpful anyway: after reading it, I experimented a little more and found out
you DON'T need to update the whole archive after having renamed and moved your
files around:

Once HTT knows the Base Path and Project Name (if it's been renamed it will
appear under the new name), you can also change the Category :) (in that order
- for some reason doing it in the window order, Project Name, Project Category
then Base Path, crashes HTT in Windows) 

At the last panel, one simply needs to select "Save Settings" and it will
UPDATE the archive path and category name WITHOUT needing to update the whole
archive :)

>> go figure where the settings
>> are stored? Hopefully NOT in the dreadful Windows
>> Registry!).
> Registry stores BasePath, default proxy, language, saved 
> default options, window position, etc. Just like all other 
> programs do.

I understand. Sorry if I offended you with my seemingly luddite reaction about
the abomination called the "Windows Registry", it's a Pet Peeve of mine. In my
opinion, settings should be strictly under USER control and saved in plain
text files, NOT controlled by the operating system and hidden in an obscure
format that makes it impossible to reorganize information! As you just saw in
my post, File Management is, for me, an essential if not the most essential
job a computer is for. As a matter of fact, Computer Science is called
"Informatique" in French, in other words, Science of Information Management,
and that is at the core of what computers do: to organize, sort and manage
information. Of course, we also consume, create and distribute information
with our computers. 

Anyway, that's another discussion and a moot point in this case. Besides, the
settings are all stored in \htscache\winprofile.ini ;)
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