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Subject: Re: Moving / Renaming / Reorganizing Archives
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 11/18/2012 19:35
> My problem is this: I want to MOVE and RENAME the
> archives created on my hard drive to someplace else,
> but if I do, it breaks it.
Move the files, start HTT, change the BASE_PATH so it can find them!

> I have tried to edit index.html, to replace
> instances of "original path" with "new path" and
> just cannot find references to it, nor in the .whtt
> file (which is empty - go figure where the settings
> are stored? Hopefully NOT in the dreadful Windows
> Registry!).
Registry stores BasePath, default proxy, language, saved default options,
window position, etc. Just like all other programs do.

WHTT files are always empty. Their only use is to click on X.whtt and have
windows open winHttrack at project X.

> So I've tried renaming the .whtt file, it does
> rename the archive in index.html, but the link
> doesn't work, it still tries to use the old path. 
Because you didn't change it.

> Also, I'm trying to add more archives in an index
> and have not found a way to do it either.  
The index is automatically updated each time you create or update a project.
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