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Subject: cache backup (VERY BIG TROUBLE)
Author: max f
Date: 11/01/2002 22:52
OS:WIn 98 SE
WInHTTrack 3.21-7
A very big problem:some days ago I made a copy of the hts 
cache of the actual mirrored site in another folder to 
prevent the rebuilding of it  at every crash.Recently I 
experienced one of those crashes,I pasted the old cache in 
the current folder.
The strange fact is that when I tried to continue the 
interrupted download,the engine looked like it was 
downloading correctly but in the end nothing was 
Now,I checked the hts log and it reported the download as 
successfully downloaded but nothing,those files aren't 
retrieved at all.
What's happening?
Note:I updated to version 3.21-7 from 3.20-2

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