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Subject: Re: cache backup (VERY BIG TROUBLE)
Author: max f
Date: 11/04/2002 18:54
(except if the cache 
> was corrupted? but this should never happend, even with a 
> sudden reboot), and if not, 'update' should.. but I still 
> don't understand what's goind on on the 'continue process'


I made several tries to fix the problem:I checked the depth 
of mirroring(but wasn't that infinite depth when not 
set?),I started the project from scratch using the same 
whtt file ,staring the mirror as it was never started before
(mirror the site),I unchecked the 'update hack' 
switch,thinking there was a false action in the size 
test,deleted the hts cache as it was really corrupted then 
starting again.......but nothing,the program seems always 
to download while however it is saving nothing!
You asked me if the program checks the file:well yes and it 
downloads it with all the time it needs to download a 
(small) file but nothing is saved.
I mean:I have downloaded the whole html tree from the site 
I want,downloaded the  thumbnails related with some pages 
but then again no big pic is captured(when I mean big I 
mean jpg no bigger than 200k)
What about a brand new project?
Thanks 4 your reply
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