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Subject: Mirroring Site
Author: Tom Wiest
Date: 11/13/2002 04:35
I'm new to WinHTTrack and have had good success with it on 
conventional websites.

However, my primary reason for wanting to learn this 
software was to be able to copy our members-only website 
hosted by  It's a veterans site with a 
membership of about 1,200 vets.  They've posted pictures 
and documents and stories now totaling about 550MB of 
data.  The problem with MyFamily is they provide no global, 
keyword search to be able to find anything or research the 
histories that are posted there.

My hope was to be able to download all the pages of 
valuable information we've collected and be able to search 
it on a local drive for keywords.  Unfortunately, it 
appears virtually all of their HTML pages are dynamically 
created, pulling information (text and pictures) from a 
database at buildtime.

Does anyone have any experience trying to back up MyFamily 
data or know how it might be achieved?  Does WinHTTrack 
have the capability, but I've not found the secret yet?  
All I'm able to download so far from them is their canned 
pages and images.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you may have.


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