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Subject: Re: Mirroring Site
Author: Tom Wiest
Date: 11/16/2002 17:37
> my primary reason for wanting to learn this 
> software was to be able to copy our members-only website 
> hosted by  It's a veterans site with a 
> membership of about 1,200 vets.  They've posted pictures 
> and documents and stories now totaling about 550MB of 
> data. My hope was to be able to download all the pages of 
> valuable information we've collected and be able to 
> search it on a local drive for keywords.

For anyone out there attempting to back up their data from 
a MyFamily-hosted website, I've concluded after hours of 
testing that, although WinHTTrack is a fine product, it is 
not capable of performing this task.  

My thanks to the developers for their advice.  My search 
for a solution continues elsewhere.

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