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Subject: Re: merge to webmin
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/22/2003 07:16
> i have a question.
> Could the httrack manage module merge to webmin?> So, i can manage the
httrack by IE or Netscape.

Well, in fact I have three options to port the interface to 
most systems:
- using kylix to rewrite the interface: this would provide 
a windows/unix compatible platform
- using glade and trying to port the interface on most 
unixes, mac, ..
- using a small internal webserver, to handle everything ; 
but in this case the refresh screen will be slighly 
difficult to handle (..), but it owuld work on all systems

I don't yet have decided which option was better, and 
frankly I don't have yet time to start that, but this might 
be done in the future.

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