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Subject: Re: merge to webmin
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/28/2003 23:29
> yes,refresh screen is big problem.
> Since you started to write the specification.Would you 
> give me some information about  it during the process.

In fact, the idea is to copy most of the current winhttrack 
interface layout, this will be simpler (all strings are 
already written, most gui elements..)
The first phase will be to design a small server, and then 
designing proper pages

> on the ohter hand, I have start the module for httrack by 
> perl into webmin.I will give the document to your about 
> Are you want to get it?
Why not -- but this will be two separated web interfaces ; 
and I'm not sure that webmin is the best place to put it 
(only administrators will be able to access it?)
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