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Subject: Re: merge to webmin
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/27/2003 07:22
> yes,I think you are right.for myself, I like the third.
> I read the webmin carefully, it based on PERL.
> So,I guess I can write a module by perl and add it to 
> webmin.
> How do you think it?
The only problem will be intergrating to systems, like 
xxBSD, Mac OSX, and so on.. depending on perl and webmin is 
too complicated for many users.

I have started to write some specifications, to design a 
winhttrack-like interface in a web interface, using a small 
internal webserver that will be automatically launched 
(like 'nohup httrack --webserver&; mozilla <localurl>')

The only problem, in fact, is the refresh screen: not very 
easy to make in a web environment!

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