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Subject: Possible issue with "Rewrite Links" options
Author: Julian Taylor
Date: 03/27/2003 19:08

1) I am using a user defined structure "%h%p/%n.%t"
2) I also need to use the Advanced setting of rewrite links 
to be "Original URL / Original URL" - the "-K4" commandline 

When using just the user defined structure above, all is 
well and the URL's of this structure are both re-written in 
the referencing html documents and the files are produced 
of the correct names.

HOWEVER:  when introducing the "-K4" option, the files are 
written with the correct filenames, however the URL's in 
the html documents are not re-written.

I presume this is a bug, and I really need the fix please!

I am using the latest and greatest 3.23 version.



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