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Subject: Re: Possible issue with
Author: Julian Taylor
Date: 04/01/2003 10:49
Thanks for the reply.

You are saying that the "user defined structure" and 
the "K4" options can not be used successfully together.  

My problem is that there are certain URL's on my site which 
are dynamic, which I don't want to statically generate.  
These I wish to leave in the generated html as relative 

However, the site does have "paged" content, 
i.e. /foo/bar.htm?page=1, /foo/bar.htm?page=2 which I wish 
to be written in the form /foo/bar.htm, /foo/bar_2.htm.  

Have you any ideas how I should approach this?Are there any other undocumented
options which would help 
Thanks again for your help.

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