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Subject: Re: Possible issue with
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/29/2003 16:11
> HOWEVER:  when introducing the '-K4' option, the files 
> written with the correct filenames, however the URL's in 
> the html documents are not re-written.

?? What do you mean? The K4 option means "don't rewrite ANY 
url, leave them as is", so the normal behavious is not to 
touch the URLs at all

  K0  foo.cgi?q=45  ->  foo4B54.html?q=45 (relative URI, 
  K                 ->  
<> (absolute URL) (--
  K4                ->  foo.cgi?q=45 (original URL)
  K3                ->  /folder/foo.cgi?q=45 (absolute URI)
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