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Subject: Re: problems mirroring https (3.23.20-2)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/18/2003 14:00
> I tried gHTTrack a while ago but it had some major
> limitations at the time so I learned the console way
> instead. I think it would also be great if the author of
> that program ports his work to GTK+2. 

Well, I tried to restart the code, but there are two major 

- compatibility with other systems (bsd, unixes, ..) and 
the necessary installation of libraries

- personal lack of skills on gtk

> I suppose the web
> interface is very good at keeping HTTrack exactly the same
> across all platforms though, which is nice and consistent.

And it is much faster to code, in fact. WebHTTrack was 
written during three consecutive week-ends. WinHTTrack was 
much more painful (one complete month for *core* parts) 
because I had to study all MFC classes before even creating 
a single window. Web interfaces are much simpler to handle, 
even if there are strong limits (especially with "live" 
user interactions)

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