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Subject: Suggestion for a new feature
Author: Raven
Date: 02/26/2001 17:07
Hi there!

WinHTTrack has the ability to report on several things 
in the hts-log.

I was thinking that it might make a great feature to 
develope that into a real report that can be viewed in 
HTML and/or saved as a comma (or tab) delimited text 
file for further analysis in another program.

How it exists now is that the hts-log can become quite 
long and difficult to manage.  This data would be much 
more useful if it could be saved to a format that 
allowed for interpretation.  Then the user could get a 
spreadsheet program to interpret the data and generate 
a report.

I nice low tech way I have seen this done is with a 
freeware program called Xenu Link Slueth.  It can be 
found at <>.

While I am not suggestnig duplicating that program, I 
beleive some of the functionality would be quite 
useful concerning the hts-log.

What does everyone else think?

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