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Subject: Timing bugs and purged files ?
Author: loko
Date: 07/23/2003 05:26
First off, thanks for making a great open-source offline 
I noticed in httrack 3.30 RC-10 (Win XP), the "On Hold" 
field and the actual delay before the start of a mirror 
don't seem to correlate in any logical way... I tried 08 
00 00 and the mirror started immediately (tried this 
twice), 00 00 10 and a 19+ hr countdown was shown in the 
next window. Is this field supposed to be a time of day or 
a delay before beginning? (The 08 00 00 time was less than 
12 hrs away when I tried it.)
Also, after doing a "continue interrupted download" with 
max time overall set (5400), everything seemed to be going 
along ok until the time limit was reached. After the "More 
than 5400 seconds passed.. giving up" line in the log, it 
purged over 6000 files (previously downloaded?), all of 
which weren't filtered html or images. This doesn't seem 
like it should be the default behavior when "update" is 
not being used. I know about the "Do not purge old files" 
setting, I just expected it to be more like "Cancel". 
Luckily I backed up my mirror two sessions ago, is there 
anyway to merge the two mirror versions together so I 
don't waste the bandwidth on the last session? I know I 
can merge the individual files based on the file dates, 
but I'm worried the hts-cache files wouldn't be quite 
right (the old.* files are approximately twice the size of 
the new.* ones) so a continue would get botched. Thanks 
for any help!

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