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Subject: Re: Timing bugs and purged files ?
Author: loko
Date: 07/24/2003 04:44
> > than 5400 seconds passed.. giving up' line in the log, 
> > purged over 6000 files (previously downloaded?), all 
> Yes.. this is a limit of the update system, as the time 
> limiter is only interrupting brutally the transfers 
> bothering about 'old' content.
So what is meant by "bothering about 'old' content"? 
Perhaps understanding how httrack continues would help me 
avoid losing files in the future... from what I see 
happening, it begins parsing local files for links, gets a 
couple thousand links into it, and then starts fetching 
remote files (parses those while fetching?), and 
occasionally goes back to the old local files, parsing and 
checking that local files are actually linked to; if the 
time limiter kicks in before httrack verifies that all the 
local files are actually linked to, it will purge those 
files it hasn't yet verified? Would it be possible to 
parse/verify all local files first, then start fetching 
remote files?
> By the way, the 'continue' option should have been 
faster ; 
> are there many errors or dynamic files on this site?It's mostly painfully
slow dynamic pages, when the site 
actually works (which is why I want to mirror it). I get 
series of 404 and 500 (Internal Server Error) messages 
during mirroring for files that actually exist.

BTW, I tried entering a floating point (0.035) 
connections/second value to lighten the load on the 
server, it seems to round down to 0 which leads to 
unrestricted connections/sec.
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