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Subject: Re: Timing bugs and purged files ?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/23/2003 18:49
> I noticed in httrack 3.30 RC-10 (Win XP), the 'On Hold' 
> field and the actual delay before the start of a mirror 
> don't seem to correlate in any logical way... 

Argh? I'll check that.

> Is this field supposed to be a time of day 

Yes (it shoul)

> Also, after doing a 'continue interrupted download' with 
> max time overall set (5400), everything seemed to be 
> along ok until the time limit was reached. After 
the 'More 
> than 5400 seconds passed.. giving up' line in the log, it 
> purged over 6000 files (previously downloaded?), all of 

Yes.. this is a limit of the update system, as the time 
limiter is only interrupting brutally the transfers without 
bothering about "old" content.

By the way, the "continue" option should have been faster ; 
are there many errors or dynamic files on this site?
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