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Subject: Search&replace with regular expressions
Author: Jan Janssen
Date: 10/10/2003 11:13
Hi, is it possible to do a serach&replace (maybe even with 
with regular expressions) on every html page while 
copied/downloaded with httrack? 

As I'm not downloading my part of a website I would like to 
inform the user when he clicks on a link that refers to a 
online page. The regex I'm using at the moment with 
homesiet and a search&replace over all 3,9 GB (200000 
files) takes very long but works.

That what I would like to exchange on the fly with httrack:

Search: (href=\"http:[^>]*)
Replace: onclick="if (confirm('The content behind this link 
is not located on this DVD. This is because of disk-space 
limitations.\n\n If you are currently connected to the 
Agilent intranet through a fast (DSL/LAN) online 
connection, click OK to continue. Otherwise click Cancel.') 
== false) {return false;}" \1

Any idea wheather I can include this already into my scan 
rules or somewhere else in httrack?
Best regards


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