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Subject: asp updates etc. help!
Author: Lars
Date: 01/02/2004 18:39
First of all, this is a great program, thanks! Now on to
business. We are switching to apache (yay!) on our public
servers since I found this cool software. Our site is a
monster and ALL in asp with sql. I only manage the linux
servers and do not know much about asp/IIS. 

We make lots of changes to the site throughout the day and
would like to update the static/public site every few hours,
but on first pulling the site httrack is counting over 50
thousand files! To add to this we have many site to
mirror/update. I really hope to make this work, for our sake
and to spread the love that is linux/open source! :) 

Now the ideas that have come up with. Some of the data guys
here think they could make a tag from sql that would change
the url to a temp. one and perhaps we could tell httrack to
look for that reg. expression we define. Another idea was to
put a timestamp in a table in sql and somehow make that work.

As I said before, I am just a sysadmin for some linux
servers we are starting to use here and don't know much
about the mircosoft stuff or asp. Anyone who has ANY ideas
please respond. I am in a bit of a rush to get this going.

Thanks in advance!



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