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Subject: Re: asp updates etc. help!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/03/2004 17:48
> I only manage the linux
> servers and do not know much about asp/IIS. 

One advice: 
1. IIS performances really SUCKS
2. SQL server performances really REALLY SUCKS (30 times 
slower than Oracle, if I am correct ?)

Therefore the best solution might be to migrate to 
Apache+Postgress+PHP (on Windows, or Linux) with much 
better performances.

Making static images of the dynamic site is a really heavy 
solution IMHO.

> but on first pulling the site httrack is counting over 50
> thousand files! 

Possibly because of duplicate URLs that actually generate 
the same contents?
> Now the ideas that have come up with. Some of the data 
> here think they could make a tag from sql that would 
> the url to a temp. one and perhaps we could tell httrack 
> look for that reg. expression we define.

Humm. Way too complex. The only clean and feasible solution 
is to implement the HTTP/1.1 Etag mechanism. For each page, 
define what are the values that fully define the output 
data, and handle If-None-Match requests. But still a bit 
complicated ..

Again, if the static mirror is done because of performances 
problems, the only good solution is to trash IIS and SQL 

Use better products, or buy a quad-processor machine with a 
lots of RAM.

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